About FOA

All the wealth in the world cannot
buy enlightenment.

Only an exhilirating exchange of
ideas can do that.

Family Office Association (FOA) helps UHNW families balance essential needs once difficult to reconcile: for confidentiality and understatement on the one hand; and vigorous community involvement on the other. Through compelling programs and proprietary content, FOA builds a vibrant community these bountiful families can call home. Here, member families engage with thought leaders and strategists to do the invigorating work of crafting living legacies; legacies that will keep their families together for generations to come.

There is no dearth of resources to help ultra-high net worth families and their single-family offices access privileged insights into strategic investing; no scarcity of expertise on how to grow multi-generational wealth, handle trust and estate matters, and exploit technology to seize new opportunities. Likewise, there is no lack of help with the "softer," but no less vital concerns of building philanthropic legacies and keeping privileged families close and vibrant.

Here is where Family Office Association (FOA), a global membership organization, offers a compelling distinction: We are the world's only membership group determined to serve all key imperatives of ultra-high net worth families.

Home to many of the world's wealthiest families and the SFO professionals who work on their behalf, we are committed to creating value for each family we serve; value that optimizes its wealth, strengthens its legacy, and unites multiple generations through shared interests and passions. To these ends, FOA dedicates itself to bringing you the best content and programming: from top professionals with fresh perspectives on growing multi-generational wealth to notables in the field of building philanthropic legacies; programs aimed at of keeping privileged families close and vibrant to experts fluent in key economic and social trends.

A Richness of Offerings

FOA's commitment to strengthen families and support their SFOs sustains a slate of offerings uniquely abundant in the family-office world: investment insights from the likes of hedge-fund titan Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates; philanthropic insights from the likes of Scott Harrison, whose charity: water brings clean water to the most parched spots on Earth; and geo-economic insights from Ambassador Jim Woolsey, former CIA Director and now Venture Partner, Lux Capital. Why do we pursue programming so rich and diverse? Because we believe that in offering guidance to wealthy families and those who staff their SFOs, an "either/or" approach won't work anymore. Investment insight without thought leadership lacks context. And thought leadership without investment insight lacks the means to turn ideas into action.

FOA is dedicated to delivering both.

Equally compelling are the programs we run to strengthen unity and vitality within member families. Among them:

  • Next Gen Entrepreneurship Program: Featured in The Wall Street Journal, this year-long program for 15-25 year-olds helps young heirs foster the passion to make a difference -- entrepreneurially and societally -- teaches requisite skills, and connects great ideas to professionals in the community who can help bring them to fruition. The lesson for young heirs: Rather than attempt to fill the patriarch's shoes, build a strong pair of your own. This FOA program will help them start that hard work.

  • FOA Philanthropic Advisory Program: The work of evaluating, supporting and volunteering with productive non-profit organizations can teach vauable lessons that breed living legacies; legacies that keep families close for generations to come. For family offices lacking dedicated staff for managing and evaluating philanthropic initiatives, this program helps families and their SFOs work collaboratively to advance strategic, multi-generational philanthropy.

  • FOA Family Volunteer Day: Through partnerships with non-profits like Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother/Big Sister and more, we offer hands-on opportunities for all family members, working together, to make a difference.


Membership in Family Office Association offers ultra-high net worth families compelling opportunities to grow their wealth, strengthen their legacies, and unite multiple generations through shared interests and passions. These opportunities come three ways:

Seasonal Summits: These extraordinary FOA forums offer UHNW families unique blends of investment insight and cutting-edge thought leadership -- all delivered by leaders whose work is changing the world. Finely orchestrated and grand in scope, these thrice-yearly, day-and-a-half conclaves are among the most ambitious, best-attended forums for wealthy families and their single-family offices.

Investment Forums: A concentrated day of roundtable discussions -- one in Palm Beach, another in San Francisco -- exploring today's best opportunities in international investing: hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, angel investing, alternative investing and more. The day comes with a healthy dose of macro-economic context.

Family Retreats: Is there a better way for family members to bond than on sailboat off Martha's Vineyard, on a golf course in Miami, or at a private wine tasting in Napa Valley? FOA's multi-day retreats -- held annually in each of these locations -- offer exquisite opportunities to build relationships within families, between families, and among the SFO professionals who serve them. There are no finer, better-attended retreats in the family-office industry.